Home Care Charlotte

Being privately owned and operated allows Covenant In-Home Care to be run to the highest standards and level of integrity that is set by themselves and the State instead of having to follow the requirements set by franchise managers and owners that are usually out of touch with the community there multiple agencies operate in.

Covenant In-Home Care offers a full line of companion and personal services. Outside of the “regular” services, being Charlotte's premier Christian based home care company, we also offers daily devotion reading to any that are interested. “The spiritual side of care for aging adults is so often over-looked“ say Ashley and Andrew; and that’s where Covenant In-Home Care really shines and separates themselves from the other Charlotte home care agencies.

Because we understand that the aging process is unavoidable and can progress quickly, we offer Certified Nursing Assistance on top of companion care. We wanted to encompass a full spectrum of services to ensure that when the level of care is increased, Covenant In-Home Care is able to provide a caregiver who is able to take on the increased needs of the ones they work with.

Covenant’s companion services are provided primarily to individuals who have the strength to do their personal care themselves but are interested in having an extra set of hands to complete chores such as cooking and planning meals, basic pet care, light housekeeping, and driving to any type of appointment or just to get out and have some fun. Our amazing caregivers also can help monitor and supervise ambulation, toileting, and bathing to avoid falls and provide support to them when needed. “Falls account for 70 percent of accidental deaths in persons 75 years of age and older” according to American Family Physician.

Covenant’s personal care services are the current highest level of home care we can provide. These services are provided to individuals who require a more “hands on” set of needs. Our Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) are trained to offer help in the bathroom with assisting bathing and toileting. CNAs can also provide lifting and full transfers out of bed, wheelchair, etc. They have been trained and are proficient in using medical equipment like gate-belts and lifts to assist in transfers. These highly trained caregivers are also available to record and monitor vital signs at the request of the individual, physician or family. However, CNAs are not allowed to provide shots or prick/draw blood, and therefore client must be able to do that on their own.

We are here to make a real difference in the lives of the ones we work with. Covenant In-Home Care is second to none when it comes to genuinely caring for our clients and staff and it shows. We promise that you will not get a more personal feel from any other agency around. We treat you like you want to be treated and you become part of our family and not just another number. We can say this with full confidence because integrity and character of this company starts with the owners, Andrew Martin and Ashley Alden, who picture Covenant as more than just another Charlotte home care company, but as a beacon of hope and a resource to the community.